Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Walk For Hemophilia

Hello everyone! I'm sorry about not writing in a while, but I am sure you will like this!
I have a very warm feeling when I think about this. It is called The Walk for Hemophilia,
If you don't know Hemophilia is a very bad sickness. Here is the link to it.
We did it for my cousin, Greyson, isn't he cute!

Greyson :)
Hemophilia used to be was a lot worse. But since people are doing these walks, scientists have made medicine so our good pal Greyson is way better.

Me and my dad 

The Walk For Hemophilia was placed at The Rose Bowl it was my first time at the stadium it was so pretty and amazing, also awesome!

Monday, November 19, 2012


About a year ago, me and my family went to The Redwood National Park.
Here's a link.   
We saw lots of cool stuff, like a Indian head out of wood.
                             We saw a giant fallen redwood tree with a huge hole in the bottom. 

                                                                You can even go inside it!
                                                         There was also a tree with another hole.
                                                  Here is a picture of me and my family in it.
                              Then there was a huge old Redwood tree that seemed to reach space!
                                     Also there was a  log covered in light, soft, beautiful  moss.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
                                       After that, we went for a swim in a freezing cold river
                                                                 called the Eel River.
                                                   I find The Redwood National Park a must see.
                                   Perfect for those who enjoy calm, quiet forests filled with beauty.                                                                                                                               

Dios De Los Muertos Celebration (Day of the dead celibration)

The weekend before Halloween, me and my family went to Dios De Los Muertos  celebration at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery heres the link
At the festival I got my face painted to look like a skeleton, and saw Lux Interior from The Cramps grave.
We also saw Johnny Ramone from The Ramone's altar.
This is a couple with cool day of the dead make up on.

This is the woman who painted my face.

This is a beautiful altar.
    It was a fun, beautiful, amazing experience.
 I hope to go next year. 
I suggest checking it out.